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Ultralight Lumbar AirCore Pillow

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  • Ultimate comfort: quilted microfiber shell paired with premium material lining ensures a soft and cozy surface for restful sleep, enhancing your comfort and relaxation whether you're traveling or camping.
  • Ergonomic design: shaped to fit between your lower back and other surfaces, providing targeted support and comfort to alleviate discomfort and promote proper posture during travel or extended periods of sitting.
  • Adjustable comfort: utilizes an air core bladder for customizable firmness, allowing you to tailor the pillow to your preferred level of support, ensuring a restful and comfortable sleep experience whether you're traveling or camping.
  • 2 breath inflation: easy to inflate and deflate with a removable air core bladder, allowing for quick adjustment to your desired level of firmness, ensuring personalized comfort for your travels or camping adventures.
  • Includes a compact and lightweight stuff sack for convenient storage and portability, making it effortless to carry and pack for all your outdoor expeditions.
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 17" x 8" x 4" 
  • PACKING SIZE 4" x 3" x 4"
  • WEIGHT 3.9 oz. 

MATERIAL nylon/microfiber shell

Hand wash in warm water. Do not bleach. Do not wring. Do not dry clean. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Wash colors separately. Remove bladder before washing.

Are you tired of those never-ending journeys that leave your lower back aching and uncomfortable? Say goodbye to travel discomfort with our Ultralight Lumbar AirCore Pillow. Whether your adventures take you soaring through the skies, chugging along scenic train routes, embarking on epic road trips, or exploring the great outdoors with your backpack, this pillow is your trusted partner for unbeatable lower back relief.

Adjustable Support: The Ultralight Lumbar AirCore Pillow is designed to cater to your unique comfort needs. Its inflatable air core lets you customize the level of support to suit your preferences, ensuring that your lower back stays happy and pain-free throughout your journey.

Plush Comfort: We've taken care of your comfort with a thin layer of premium synthetic fill surrounding the inflatable air core. This added plushness cradles your lower back, making those long hours of travel feel like a breeze.

Durability Guaranteed: Crafted with a 100% soft Polyester Microfiber shell, this pillow is built to last. It can withstand the rigors of travel and adventure, ensuring that it remains your trusty travel companion for years to come.

With the Ultralight Lumbar AirCore Pillow, your journey becomes not just about the destination, but about the unparalleled comfort and support you enjoy along the way. So, why suffer from lower back discomfort during your travels when you can indulge in luxurious relief? Upgrade your travel experience today with our Ultralight Lumbar AirCore Pillow and let your lower back thank you for the thoughtful care it deserves. Travel in comfort.


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